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2020 Scholarship Award Recipients

Paul E. & Rose A. Woodson Scholarship - The Paul E. and Rose A. Woodson estate has provided an endowment fund to outstanding junior or senior students enrolled in the Department of Animal Sciences. The Woodson scholarships are based primarily on academic achievement and potential leadership in the animal industry.

Alyssa Ruston, Senior from Lawrenceville, IL 
Mackenzie Wells, Senior from Nashville, IL
Kelly Sieja, Senior from White Heath, IL
Trenton Black, Senior from Norris City, IL
Gillian Gould, Senior from Palatine, IL
Kristine Witte, Senior from Orland Park, IL

A. L. Neumann Transfer Student Scholarship - Dr. A.L. Neumann and his wife, Lorena, made a gift to the University of Illinois Foundation to provide an annual scholarship to a student(s) who transfers from a community college to the Animal Sciences curriculum at the University of Illinois. Any transfer student enrolled in the Department of Animal Sciences who has completed at least one semester at the University of Illinois may apply for the scholarship. The scholarship will be based upon academics (25%), need (25%), and potential leadership in the animal industry (50%).

Seth Mitchell, Senior from Olney, IL

Dr. and Mrs. M. E. Ensminger Scholarship​ - The Dr. and Mrs. M.E. Ensminger Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship awarded annually to an Animal Sciences undergraduate. Criteria used to help determine the recipient of this award includes academic achievement, leadership, extra-curricular activities, and character. Preference will be given to students from Southern Illinois with interest in food animal production.

Amy Sandschafer, Senior from Newton, IL

Richard and Charlotte Lundgren Scholarship​ - Recipients of these scholarships are upperclassmen who have completed 60 or more college credit hours, have demonstrated academic merit in their studies, participated in extracurricular activities, and are Animal Sciences majors with goals to be involved in food animal production.

Caroline Downey, Senior from Putnam, IL 
Nicole Moest
, Senior from Lena, IL 
Megan Huelsmann
, Senior from Breese, IL 
Hattie Duncan
, Senior from Wingate, IN

Janet R. Jackson and Mark A. Roos Scholarship - In 2015, Dr. Janet R. Jackson and Dr. Mark A. Roos from Columbia, Illinois, generously created an endowment to provide scholarships for undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the Department of Animal Sciences in the College of ACES.

Angela Zilinger, Senior from Minooka, IL 
Kelsie Weisenberger
, Junior from Aurora, IL

Dr. J. Wayne Rehn and Mrs. F. Jean Rehn Scholarship​ - The Dr. J. Wayne Rehn & Mrs. F. Jean Rehn scholarships were established to recognize Animal Sciences students in their sophomore or junior year who excel in academics, leadership skills, and a commitment to production agriculture.

Chessa Brown​, Junior from San Rafael, CA

D. E. Becker Swine Industry Scholarship - The D. E. Becker Award in Animal Sciences is established to recognize an outstanding undergraduate Animal Sciences student with potential leadership and involvement in the swine industry. The award shall be given to a student based on their leadership, documented interest in the swine industry, and their academic achievements.

Joel Kieser, Junior from Bradford, IL
Austin Smith, Senior from Arenzville, IL

Waco W. Albert Memorial Equine Scholarship​ - The scholarship shall be granted to a student based on academic merit whose grade point averages (GPA) are above the average GPA of all students in the Department of Animal Sciences. The student must also (1) show promise of future support for the equine industry in Illinois and the United States through efforts such as being a contributing member of a family that owns and breeds horses as a business or for pleasure; (2) participate in research, teaching, and extension; and (3) provide excellent professional support to the equine world.

Amy Marroquin, Senior from Chicago, IL 

Waco W. Albert Meat Animal Evaluation Scholarship - The scholarship shall be granted to a student who has a sincere interest in swine, beef cattle, or sheep. The student must have a tie to livestock judging/evaluation programs in which swine, beef cattle, and sheep have been judged by, a) having parents or grandparents who were members of a University of Illinois livestock judging/evaluation team; b) being a member of a senior livestock judging/evaluation team at the University of Illinois; or, c) being a member of a 4-H or FFA livestock judging/evaluation team that represented the State of Illinois in national competition.

Austin Smith, Senior from Arenzville, IL
Leslie Walker, Senior from Danvers, IL
Hattie Duncan, Senior from Wingate, IN

Merle E. LeSage Scholarship - The family, friends, and colleagues of Merle E. LeSagehave created an endowment fund to provide a scholarship to undergraduates in the College of ACES. Preference for scholarship recipients goes to Animal Sciences students who have been members of the livestock and/or meat evaluation teams and to transfer students with experience in judging at the community college level.

Lexie Walker, Senior from Danvers, IL

Phil Rincker Award - This award is given in memory of Phil Rincker to a student who has been a member of the Livestock Judging Team and has a strong interest in the food animal production industries. The student should have evidence of good leadership skills. Preference is given to community college transfer students with a strong livestock judging background. This scholarship was made possible by a donation from Art Farley.

Hayden Keltner, Senior from Pearl City, IL

Bankson Judging Team Scholarship - This annual scholarship is provided to a student enrolled in the College of ACES who is majoring in Animal Sciences, Food Science, or another related area of study. First preference is given to a junior or senior student on the Meats Judging Team; and second preference is given to a student, including sophomores, if needed, on the Livestock Judging Team.

Natalie Shaw, Junior from Mount Carroll, IL

Sleeter Bull Undergraduate Meats Scholarship - Students who have an interest in the livestock and meat industry are encouraged to apply for Sleeter Bull Scholarship. The scholarship winners will be selected based on academics (30%), involvement in the meats and livestock industry (30%), undergraduate activities (particularly those related to meat science) (30%), and community and public service (10%).

Lexie Chen, Senior from Tianjin, China

Richard J. and M. Joan Epley Scholarship / Sleeter - The Richard J. and M. Joan Epley Scholarship is awarded to students who have competed on the University of Illinois Meat Judging team. The students elected should have competed at a high level while on the team, have excellent grades, and possess the characteristics we all value in a teammate.

Lukas Aylesworth, Junior from Mount Pulaski, IL

Harry G. Russell Senior Award - This award is presented to outstanding members of the Hoof-n-Horn Club in the Department of Animal Sciences. The awards are presented to the outstanding Senior(s). The award is based on leadership and involvement in club activities.

Hayden Keltner, Senior from Pearl City, IL
Austin Smith, Senior from Arenzville, IL 

Illinois Association of Meat Processors Scholarship - The Illinois Association of Meat Processors provides two scholarships to upper-level undergraduates who have a strong interest in the meat industry. Undergraduates with an excellent academic record and who have taken meat science courses, worked at the Meat Science Laboratory, and/or have been on the Meats Judging Team, etc., will be strongly considered.

Joe Metz, Senior from Gridley, IL
Slayton Dorney, Senior from Lawrenceville, IL