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Committee Representation

Committee and Special Assignments


Faculty Advisory Committee (Elected, 2-year term)
R. W. Johnson, ex officio J. L. Emmert (22)
P. Cardoso (21) C. M. Parsons (22)
D. W. Shike (21) M. B. Wheeler (22)

H. H. Stein (21) (replaced by R. Dilger)

M. L. Sully, ex officio
Promotion and Tenure Committee (Elected, 3-year term)
D. J. Miller (21) A. E. Fischer (22)
J. K. Drackley (21) L. A. Rund (22)
S. L. Rodriguez-Zas (21) J. L. Emmert (23)
I. Cann (22) C. M. Parsons (23)
H. H. Stein (22) (replaced by M. Wheeler) D. W. Shike (23)
R. I. Mackie (22)  
Building and Facility Committee
Courses and Curricula Committee - Graduate
D. W. Shike (Stock Pav), Chair S. L. Rodriguez-Zas, Chair
A.J. Steelman (ERML) J. M. Ridlon
B. J. Klehm (MSL) J. K. Drackley
J. K. Drackley (ASL) D. J. Miller
J. M. Ridlon (ASL) A. L. Roca
J. F. Mosley, ex officio M. J. Dean
D. Wolters, ex officio  
Courses and Curricula Committee - Undergraduate
A. C. Dilger, Chair A. J. Steelman
S. A. Richardson I. Condotta
R. A. Nowak D. T. Nolan
J. L. Emmert A. M. Schneider, ex officio
A. E. Fischer K. A. Jones-Hamlow, ex officio
Bylaws Committee
Faculty Elections Committee
C. M. Parsons, Chair K. W. Koelkebeck, Chair
D. J. Miller P. Cardoso
  J. R. Evans, ex officio
Faculty Honors Committee
Grievance Committee (Elected)
K. W. Koelkebeck, Chair M. J. Dean (21)
P. Cardoso S. A. Richardson (21)
I. Cann A. V. Kukekova (22)
R. V. Knox A. E. Fischer (22)
J. J. Loor  
M. Ellis  
Graduate Study Committee
Information Technology and Website Committee
H. H. Stein, Chair R. N. Dilger, Chair
M. R. Godoy J. C. McCann
A. V. Kukekova R. V. Knox
B. N. Harsh J. R. Evans, ex officio
H. R. Gaskins K. A. Jones-Hamlow, ex officio
J. J. Loor A. M. Schneider, ex officio
S. L. Rodriguez-Zas, ex officio R. A. Raouf, ex officio
Research Committee
Secretarial Committee
K. S. Swanson, Chair J. K. Drackley, Chair
H. R. Gaskins K. H. Kline
R. A. Nowak  
D. B. McKim  
Student Honors Committee
D. W. Shike, Chair A. C. Dilger
A. E. Fischer L. M. Rincker
D. J. Hagstrom D. T. Nolan
B. J. Klehm K. Jones-Hamlow, ex officio
Other Departmental Representatives
A. E. Fischer (22) U-C Faculty Senate
J. K. Drackley (22) U-C Faculty Senate
R. V. Knox (23) U-C Faculty Senate
A. V. Kukekova (23) U-C Faculty Senate
M. L. Sully Affirmative Action Officer
K. H. Kline Affirmative Action Officer
R. V. Knox Animal Systems Team Leader
S. L. Rodriguez-Zas Graduate Teaching Coordinator
A. C. Dilger Undergraduate Teaching Coordinator
R. N. Dilger ANSC Representative to ITCS
ANSC Representatives on ACES Committees (Elected)
A. C. Dilger ACES Executive Committee
J. K. Drackley ACES Executive Committee
R. N. Dilger ACES Advancement Policy Committee
R. V. Knox ACES Extension Policy and Advisory Committee
J. L. Emmert ACES Educational Policy and Advisory Committee
P. Cardoso ACES Intl. Programs Policy and Advisory Committee
D. J. Miller ACES Research Policy and Advisory Committee
S. L. Rodriguez-Zas ACES College Diversity ComI.mittee
A. E. Fischer ACES Specialized Faculty Committee
ANSC Representatives on ACES Committees (Appointed)
A. C. Dilger ACES Courses and Curricula
H. R. Gaskins ACES Promotion and Tenure
M. Morris ACES CCFD Unit Leader
Action Planning Committee
A. L. Roca, Chair B. N. Harsh
I. Cann J. C. McCann
P. Cardoso J. F. Mosley
R. N. Dilger R. A. Nowak
A. E. Fischer A. J. Steelman
M. R. Godoy M. L. Sully