You belong in the Department of Animal Sciences. No matter what sparks your passion for animals, you’ll find a home in our close-knit community of like-minded students, faculty, and staff. Come share your talents with us.

Our undergraduate programs provide students foundational training in applied animal sciences. Our coursework and hands-on research focus on livestock, biomedical, and companion animals. You can participate in experiential opportunities for virtually every area of interest in animal science, and become skilled in using your knowledge to address real-world problems.

Experiential Learning


Our students also learn outside the classroom, leveraging research, internships, study abroad, and other experiential opportunities to become highly sought-after in the job market. Our unique blend of science fundamentals and applied learning allows animal sciences graduates to solve some of the greatest challenges of our time.

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Deadlines, petitions, and requirements
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Where can I find academic deadlines?
Visit the Office of the Registrar’s website.

Where can I find forms and petitions?
The ACES Office of Academic Programs has the most up-to-date list of available petitions and forms.

What is a DARS audit (u.Achieve audit) and how can I access it?
A DARS Audit (now called u.Achieve) is an unofficial audit of progress toward your degree that reflects courses you have already taken and courses you have in-progress. This report is extremely important, as it shows which requirements you still need to complete. To access your u.Achieve audit, you must visit the Office of the Registrar’s website. Visit the Office of the Registrar’s website.

How do I complete my foreign language requirement?
For information on what is required, you should visit the General Education Requirements Page. You should take the foreign language placement exam to establish which course you place into, regardless of the language you want to pursue. Results of that exam will determine which sequence you should follow to complete your foreign language requirement.

Spanish is the most common language that students complete here on campus. Students generally take SPAN 122 and then SPAN 103 to fulfill the requirement. SPAN 122 is equivalent to the first two semesters of Spanish. 

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How do I add a course?
You can add a semester course in Enterprise Self-Service up until the 2nd Friday of the semester.

To add a course after the deadline, you will need to obtain instructor approval and fill out a late course change form. This form must be filled out by you, the student; signed by your instructor; and stamped by the department offering the course before submitting it to ACES Academic Programs in 128 Mumford Hall.

You should check the Office of the Registrar’s website for academic deadlines.

How do I drop  a course?
You can drop a semester course in Enterprise Self-Service up until the 8th week of the semester.

To drop a course after the deadline, you will need to fill out a Petition to Drop a Course.

You should check the Office of the Registrar’s website for academic deadlines.

What happens if I retake a course?
By default, if you retake a course, both grades are listed on your transcript and both are counted in your GPA. You only receive credit hours for one instance of the course, though. If you want to retake a course and received a C- or below during your first attempt, you may be eligible for grade replacement. Both instances of the course must be taken here at the University of Illinois. You can find the form for Grade Replacement on the ACES Academic Programs Forms & Petitions Page. There are deadlines for declaring Grade Replacement, so it is important you check the Office of the Registrar’s website for updated academic deadlines.

Remember, both instances of the course must be taken here at the University of Illinois to be eligible for Grade Replacement. If you retake a course at a community college or other university, then you cannot use Grade Replacement.

How do I take more than 18 credit hours in a semester?
To take more than 18 credit hours in a semester, you must fill out the Overload Form. If you need to take more than 9 credit hours in the summer, you will also need to fill out this form.

How do I complete my ANSC 398 requirement?
Find information about ANSC 398.

How do I know if a course transfers here?
You should visit to see whether a course will transfer here, and if it does, what it will transfer here as.

How can I take a course at Parkland with in-district tuition?
Many students take courses at Parkland during the summer and/or academic year. To receive in-district tuition, you must complete a Concurrent Enrollment Form. You must be enrolled as a full-time student here at the University of Illinois in order to receive in-district tuition. This means that for the summer term, you must be enrolled in at least 12 hours for the upcoming fall semester. If you are taking a course during the academic year, you must be a full-time student during the semester you will be completing the course at Parkland.

Which courses does the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine require?
While some requirements are built into our curriculum, there are some requirements you will need to take as electives. You will need to take the following additional courses to meet University of Illinois Vet School requirements:

  • Organic Chemistry with Lab (CHEM 232 & 233)
  • An additional 3 hours of Biological Sciences with Laboratory (there are 8 credit hours required, 5 of which are satisfied by MCB 100 and 101)
  • 8 credit hours of Physics with Laboratories (PHYS 101 & 102)
  • Biochemistry (MCB 450 or ANSC 350)

This is for informational purposes only. We do not control which courses the University of Illinois Vet School requires. It is best that you establish a relationship with them as early as possible to make sure you are making progress on their requirements. Please visit the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine webpage for more information.

How do I transfer a course to the University of Illinois?
Visit the Office of the Registrar’s website for more information on how to transfer a course here.

I tried signing up for a course, but it keeps giving me errors—what do I do?
There are several reasons why signing up for a course may result in an error. Here are a few common errors and solutions:

  • Link Error - Register for all parts of the course simultaneously (lecture & lab; lecture & discussion; lecture & quiz, etc.)
  • Departmental Approval Required - Contact the department that teaches the course
  • Pre-req./Test Score Error - Check course restrictions on the Class Schedule 
  • Time Conflict Error - Course times are overlapping. Select a different section
  • Class Error - Qualification based on Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior standing
  • Level Error - Qualification based on Undergrad or Graduate standing
  • Major Error - Restricted to certain major(s)
  • Closed Error - Course is full. Check online later for spots (students may drop the course, more openings may become available) or contact the department that teaches the course


Career Services
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ACES Career Services
Schedule an appointment to have your resume critiqued or have a mock interview. Get information on what our students do after graduation!

Career Center – University
Information on career opportunities at the campus level. Schedule an appointment for a mock interview. Advising on pre-health careers.

Handshake @ Illinois — Career Opportunities

Academic Programs
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Study Abroad – College of ACES
Explore study abroad opportunities that align well with your Animal Sciences degree.

Study Abroad – University
Explore study abroad opportunties that are available to students all over campus.

ANSC Advising
Your advisor can help you maneuver the services we offer here at Illinois. 

ACES Office of Academic Programs
Student forms, information on James Scholar requirements, and much more.

Student Services
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Counseling Center
Provides a range of services intended to help students develop improved coping skills in order to address emotional, interpersonal, and academic concerns.

Disability Resources & Educational Services (DRES)
Provides services for students with disabilities so they are able to participate in programs and activities at Illinois.

Student Assistant Center
This office helps students understand university policies and procedures, educate them about and connect them to campus resources, and support students in crisis.

Financial Aid
This office can answer questions regarding loans, grants, tuition, and so much more.

Grades – information and explanation of

How to apply for graduation and participate in the graduation ceremony.


Tutoring Services