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Dr. Doug Parrett
Dr. Doug Parrett

Welcome to the Department of Animal Sciences, an academic family of over 6,000 alumni, 500 undergraduate students and more than 100 graduate students. Our Department leads the nation in providing science based, discovery research that affects the quality of life for our stakeholders and citizens of Illinois and the world. Our teaching and outreach programs excel in teaching and the transfer of knowledge for those with interest in biology and animals and human health. We are proud of our heritage and work hard to be in a leadership role that addresses problems of real importance to society.

Dr. Doug Parrett, Professor Emeritus and Interim Head, Animal Sciences

Why Animal Sciences?

Students in the Department of Animal Sciences combine their interests in biology and animals in a learning environment that extends beyond the classroom. Our department offers students opportunities to conduct undergraduate research, gain hands-on experience working in our laboratories and farms, participate in internships, and become active in a number of student organizations. For instance, our students work with beef cattle and poultry in state-of-the-art research facilities, serve internships in animal shelters and zoos, and conduct discovery research in cutting-edge programs in immunology and reproductive biology. We provide opportunities for virtually every area of interest and our students become skilled in applying their knowledge to address real-world problems.

The work of the Department of Animal Sciences is important. Our research, teaching, and Extension programs address subjects such as bioenergy, the environment, food production, animal health, and animal behavior. We study production efficiency, profitability, and well-being of dairy and beef cattle, pigs, and poultry to enhance the supply of food for a growing world population. Our programs in companion animal biology and humane education create information for pet owners and help us understand the value of positive relationships between humans and animals. Fundamental research in physiology, nutrition, and behavior solve animal sciences problems and have significant impact on improving human health.

Our Commitment

We have a diverse and nationally respected faculty who solve problems of real importance to society and who are deeply committed to providing the best educational experiences to our students. We care about the success of our students and we provide a high-quality education that will equip them to identify and solve the challenges of the future.

The learning opportunities in the Department of Animal Sciences and the University of Illinois are without limit. Come see for yourself why the Department of Animal Sciences is held in high regard in the nation and throughout the world.