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University of Illinois Dairy Farm

Champaign County
ANSC Campus Farms (Experimental Research Units)

Will cover all aspects of the dairy farm. Nutrition and feeding, health and reproduction, and management. Interns will focus on certain areas of interest as well as receive exposure to all areas of the farm.


Internships are limited at each Animal Sciences research unit. Students are encouraged to contact unit managers to ask questions and discuss internship opportunities at their respective unit.

Each student is required to work at least 12 hours per week. 10 of those hours will be used toward gaining academic credit. The additional 2 hours will be paid. Any additional hours beyond the 12 hours required will need to be scheduled with the unit supervisor for whom the student is working.


  • Sophomore or higher
  • Enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student at the University of Illinois
  • Priority will be given to Animal Sciences majors
  • In good academic standing at the time of registration for the desired internship course.

Academic Credit

Students enrolled in the program are required to register for three (3) credit hours of ANSC 398 (for a letter grade). Students may not earn more than ten (10) ANSC 398 credits of internship during their academic career.


Students will need to sign up for employment through the Animal Sciences Business Office. More information about this process will be provided to students once they are accepted into the program.


We will be accepting applications for the Spring 2024 term in mid November. You must submit your application through the online application form. No paper copies will be accepted.

submit your application


While on the job the student intern is regarded as a regular student employee of the unit and responsible for complying with all regulations, safety procedures and legal requirements established by the unit. Interns are expected to act in a professional manner and respectful of other staff members. Conduct that is unethical or undesirable exhibited by the intern while employed may result in dismissal from the program.

Interns are required to work 12 hours per week during the semester, and paid for every hour over 10 hours in a week. Interns must assume the responsibility of informing the their supervisor or an advisor of any problems or difficulties that develop during the internship.


Student interns are required to complete:

  • A bi-weekly journal
  • Take a final exam during finals week or make a presentation to a group of departmental faculty/supervisor/staff members outlining their experience on the internship.

More specific details of what's required of each student will be provided once a student accepts an internship position.

Standard letter grades will be assigned for each student.