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ANSC 398 Course Description

Your animal sciences curriculum requires you to participate in an experiential learning activity. This requirement can be fulfilled through at least one graded hour of enrollment in ANSC 398. You can also enroll in ANSC 398 for satisfactory/unsatisfactory credit, but these hours will not count toward the 1-hour requirement.

Your experiential learning activities will
  • expose you to many aspects of animal sciences, society, and culture
  • offer you an opportunity to engage in learning at a personal level
  • allow you to demonstrate your capacity to solve real-life problems in real-life environments
  • provide you with insights that will help you explore your career interests

When you enroll in ANSC 398 for graded credit, you will be expected to complete a work product.

These assignments are intended to encourage you to:
  1. reflect upon your learning in relation to the field of animal sciences, society, and culture
  2. relate your experiential learning to other parts of your curriculum and other learning you have gained through your undergraduate program
  3. personalize how you identify with animal sciences, with your place in the field of animal sciences, and with the experiences you have gained
  4. provide concrete records of your experiences to use in the ANSC 498 Integrating Animal Sciences course during your senior year

There are multiple sections of ANSC 398.

  • Section A: Undergraduate Research
  • Section B: Honors Undergraduate Research (required for James Scholars)
  • Section C: Animal and Products Evaluation Teams
  • Section D: International and Domestic Travel Experience
  • Section E: Off-campus Internship
  • Section F: On-campus Internship
  • Section G: Humane Society Internship
  • Section H: Veterinary Assistant Internship
  • Section I: Experiential Learning (Other)
  • Section J: Experiential Learning (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Credit)
  • Section K: Study Abroad South Africa Summer Trip
  • Section L: Companion Animal Spring Trip
  • Section M: Dairy Challenge
  • Section N: Dairy Management Spring Trip

In the end, this experience is about you, your growth as an animal scientist, and your exploration of the fields of animal sciences. We want it to be initiated by you, to be meaningful to you, to add to your skills, and to deepen your understanding of what it means to be an animal scientist.

Steps to Complete Experiential Learning Activity Requirement:
  1. Decide what type of experience(s) you would like to have. We have some suggestions but the possibilities are endless.
  2. Find a faculty member who teaches courses, conducts research, or performs outreach in an area of animal sciences related to your planned experience. S/he will act as your instructor for ANSC 398. Talk with your selected instructor about planning your experience, credit hours, contacts in the industry s/he might have, and expectations for a work product. If you are having difficulty finding a faculty member to act as your instructor, send an email to the ANSC Academic Advisors so they can help you find one. Your faculty instructor must be a member of the animal sciences faculty even if you are completing an undergraduate research experience with a faculty member from another department or college on campus. 
  3. Complete a Memorandum of Agreement with the faculty instructor advising your experience. You must complete a Memorandum of Agreement before starting your experience. If you are planning a summer experience, the MOA must be completed during the spring semester prior to your experience.
  4. Enroll in ANSC 398 during the semester you complete your experience. If you complete your experience during the summer, you should enroll in ANSC 398 in the fall after your summer experience.
  5. Complete your work product as described in your Memorandum of Agreement. Submit this work product to your faculty instructor for comments and grading. Submit a copy to for archiving.
  6. Repeat as necessary to attain 1 graded credit hour in ANSC 398 or as desired up to 10 credit hours.
Some additional requirements:
  • You must be in good academic standing to enroll in ANSC 398.
  • To use a summer experience for ANSC 398 credit, you must complete the Memorandum of Agreement prior to the end of the spring semester.
  • You must complete 1 graded hour of ANSC 398 before enrolling in ANSC 498.