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ANSC 398 Grading

The work product you will produce from your ANSC 398 experience is a way for you to demonstrate what you have learned. The work product will also serve as the basis of your grade in ANSC 398.

You will agree upon the following with your faculty instructor in your Memorandum of Agreement:

  1. The nature of your work product. The descriptions provided are guidelines for various work products. You are not limited to those. However, what type of work product you plan to produce must be decided prior to starting your experience, so that you can collect and record the information necessary to complete the task during your experience. If you are completing a blog, it is expected that you will blog about your experience while you are completing your experience.
  2. Deadlines for completing your work product and turning it into your faculty instructor.
  3. Deadlines for archiving you graded work product with the department.

Your grade will be determined from the following criteria at the discretion of your faculty instructor.

  • Demonstration of new learning
  • Breadth and depth of information presented
  • Appropriateness for the intended audience
  • Evidence of thoughtful effort
  • Clarity and ease of understanding by the intended audience
  • Integration of new ideas with other parts of the animal sciences curriculum
  • Originality
  • On-time completion

Once your faculty instructor has graded your work products, s/he will record your grade. However, your ANSC 398 credit will not be complete until you deliver a copy of your work product to the ANSC Academic Advisors. Whenever possible, deliver the work product electronicaly, and note that you are also responsible for retaining a copy of your work product for use in ANSC 498.

Students who do not achieve the deadlines set out in their Memorandum of Agreement can expect their grade to be penalized. If a need arises to revise your Memorandum of Agreement due to unforeseen circumstances, a new agreement must be signed by you and your instructor.