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ANSC 398 Memorandum of Agreement

Prior to beginning your ANSC 398 experience, you must consider the following:

  • What activities will be included in your experience?
  • What do you plan on learning (i.e., what are your goals)?
  • If you are taking ANSC 398 for a letter grade, how you will document your learning with a work product?
  • If you are completing an internship with an outside company, your supervisor will be involved in this agreement as well, so what is their email address?
  • What are the dates and average hours per week you'll be working?

The Memorandum of Agreement spells out these details and is approved by your faculty instructor.

This Memorandum of Agreement must be completed prior to beginning your experience. Please note that you cannot count hours of experience before approval of the MOA has been officially received. Once you submit your online MOA, you will be contacted with details on how to sign up for credit.

Fill out the Online MOA