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Meat Sales Room

People purchasing meat at our sales room

Our Meat Sales Room is run out of the Meat Science Laboratory, a facility used for teaching courses related to meat production and marketing, meats judging, meat quality and further processing of meat products.

Offering fresh meat, sausages, bacon, eggs and more, we pride ourselves on providing our community with the best meat and eggs while training the future leaders of the food industry.

We've taken the Meat Sales Room online!

This online ordering sytem will allow you to place an order and pay by credit card. The form will only be available for limited periods of time so we can keep pace with orders as they come in. Announcements of form availability will occur via Meat Mail (subscribe below) and on our Facebook page. After placing an order online, you will receive an email confirmation of placing the order PLUS a separate email with instructions for scheduling curbside pickup.

Meat Sales Online

We will take orders through this online form once weekly, and times will be shared via Meat Mail (sign up below) and Facebook. Our limit is 200 orders per week and the form will be closed after we reach that limit. Please note that due to continued demand, the Meat Sales form typically remains open for just 5 minutes or less  before we reach our order limit. 

In addition to being able to purchase eggs through the Meat Sales form, we've also created a separate ordering system for just eggs (both white and brown). This form will remain open starting Sunday at 2:00PM and close Monday evening. Eggs will be available for pick-up along with meat sales at the standard pick-up times each Thursday and Friday. If you are buying only eggs, we recommend you use this Egg Sales form. 

Egg Sales Online

For both meat and egg sales, customers with confirmed orders will receive an email with pick-up information after purchase.

1503 S. Maryland Ave., Urbana
Free parking available
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