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We currently offer three concentrations:

You will take the core Animal Sciences courses during your first two years. This allows for flexibility during your junior and senior years, when you can take additional courses that meet your interests.

The core courses focus on Animal Sciences as a whole; animal care and use; genetics; anatomy and physiology; nutrition; reproduction; and growth. Understanding these fundamental subject areas will give you a strong foundation to build upon during your junior and senior years.

For students interested in attending vet school, we have a sample 8-semester plan that encompasses most vet school requirements.

If you're interested in declaring a major in Animal Sciences, please visit with Katelyn Hamlow,

Experiential Learning

Internships, study abroad, research--Experiential Learning.  They are all important parts of your education!  So important that we require that you complete at least 1 credit hour of experiential learning, ANSC 398, as a part of our curriculum.  We have a page dedicated to this requirement and it will give you all of the information you need to know!


We also offer a minor in Animal Sciences for students who would like to complete several Animal Sciences courses while they are completing their primary degree.

To declare the minor, print out the Statement of Intent to Pursue a Minor, and bring it into Katelyn Hamlow in 116 ASL.

Focus Areas

We offer a number of focus areas, which will allow you to concentrate on areas of Animal Sciences that interest you most.  Whether you're interested in behavior, poultry, or nutrition, it is important to know which courses will best prepare you for a career in what you're passionate about. Explore the focus areas and the corresponding sequence of courses suggested