For Animal Sciences majors interested in careers involving animal sheltering, control, advocacy, protection, and policy

Students eligible: Current University of Illinois students
Semesters of course offerings: Spring, Fall
Program length: 10 total credit hours
Format: In-person (most classes) and online (ANSC 370)
Prerequisite course: ANSC 250 (Companion Animals in Society)

The Animal Services, Sheltering, and Advocacy certificate prepares Animal Sciences majors for leadership in managing community animal shelters/animal control agencies, and in creating policy-driven platforms for animal advocacy and public health. Required courses present the fundamentals of cat and dog biology/care and best practices in population management. Elective courses offer an in-depth consideration of societal animal issues, legislative efforts, and relevant experiential learning opportunities.

Dr. Amy Fischer with cat
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Required courses:

  • ANSC 307: Companion Animal Management; 3 credit hours, offered Fall
  • ANSC 407: Animal Shelter Management; 3 credit hours, offered Spring

Elective courses (complete at least 4 credit hours with no more than 3 hours in ANSC 398):

  • ANSC 370: Companion Animal Policy; 3 credit hours, offered Spring
  • ANSC 398 (Section G): CCHS Internship; 1-3 credit hours, offered Fall/Spring/Summer
  • ANSC 398 (Section E): Off-campus Internship (arranged with instructor consent); 1-3 credit hours, offered Fall/Spring/Summer
  • ANSC 470: Companion Animal Cruelty Investigations; 2 credit hours, offered Fall

For more information, contact:

Dr. Amy Fischer
Teaching Associate Professor, Extension Faculty Specialist
Dr. Amy Fischer