Prepare for a career in the meat industry.

Students eligible: Current University of Illinois undergraduate students
Offered in: Spring, Fall semesters
Program length: 9 credit hours
Format: In-person

The Meat Science certificate is for students who are majoring in Animal Science or Food Science and plan a career in the meat or food industry. There are numerous job opportunities in the field of meat science including careers in operations and management, research and development, and food safety and quality assurance.

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Students must complete 9 credit hours in courses related to meat to include:

Required course:

  • ANSC 409: Meat Science, 3 credit hours, offered Spring

Elective course in meat production or evaluation (choose one):

  • ANSC 215 A, Introduction to Meat Evaluation, 1 credit hour, offered Fall
  • ANSC 301 Food Animal Production, Management, and Evaluation, 3 credit hours, offered Spring
  • ANSC 309, Meat Production and Marketing, 2 credit hours, offered in odd-year Fall
  • ANSC 310, Meat Selection and Grading, 3 credit hours, offered Fall
  • ANSC 398, Experiential Learning, 1-2 credit hours, offered Fall, Spring, Summer; course enrollment must be approved by Dr. Dilger.

Elective course in meat, food, or microbiology (choose one):

  • Any course listed above
  • FSHN, 249, Food Service Sanitation, 1 credit hour, offered Spring
  • FSHN, 302, Sensory Evaluation of Foods, 3 credit hours, offered Fall
  • FSHN, 414, Food Chemistry, 3 credit hours, offered Fall
  • FSHN, 471, Food & Industrial Microbiology, 3 credit hours, offered Spring
  • FSHN, 472, Applied Food Microbiology, 3 credit hours, offered Spring

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Express your interest in pursuing a certificate. Once accepted, you will receive an email with further instructions for registration. 

Please note that you will need to keep track of your classes and ensure completion of the certificate on your own. There will not be an advisor or faculty member tracking your progress. Please make sure you communicate to your advisor about your desire to complete the certificate when you are planning classes and developing graduation plans.

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Upon completing your required coursework, you will need to submit a completion request for your certificate. The certificate coordinator will check your course work to ensure you have completed all of the requirements, and then a certificate will be either mailed to you or available for pick up. If you complete your last course in the semester that you graduate, please note that we will be mailing the certificate after grades are posted and the completion can be certified. 

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Program Contact

Anna Dilger
Associate Professor, Coordinator of Undergraduate Programs
Anna Dilger