Assistantships, fellowships, research and travel funds, and financial aid are available to graduate students in the Department of Animal Sciences. Students from underrepresented groups are encouraged to apply. Graduate research and teaching assistantship appointments and fellowships are initiated by the department. The terms of appointment differ, depending on the nature of the responsibilities and student qualifications.


Most graduate students in the Department of Animal Sciences hold 50% graduate research assistantship (RA) appointments funded directly by faculty. The Department of Animal Sciences also appoints a few 50% and 25% graduate teaching assistantship (TA) appointments. Students must contact faculty members in the Department of Animal Sciences to learn of graduate research or teaching assistantship opportunities. Graduate students are expected to hold at least a 50% appointment including research, teaching, or a combination of both. Students at advanced stages of their program of studies and with expertise in the subject area have priority for TA. All research and teaching assistantships that are at least 25% and less than 67% for three-quarters of both semesters include tuition and a partial fee waiver. A TA or RA during the academic year provides tuition and a partial fee waiver for summer school.


Other Graduate Fellowships

Many students in the department also qualify for Graduate College fellowships such as the ones listed here.

For a complete list of fellowships, requirements, and deadlines please visit the Graduate College Fellowships website.


Research and Travel Funds

The Department of Animal Sciences and the Graduate College offer several fellowships and small grants on a competitive basis for graduate students' research or travel to communicate research findings previously accepted at conferences.

Graduate College Conference Travel Awards

Applications are considered twice a year. Depending on the number of graduate students enrolled, two to four travel awards are available to animal sciences graduate students. Students must first submit their applications to the Animal Sciences Graduate Contact, Alicia Schneider for evaluation and ranking. Graduate students can apply to two annual competitions (up to one award per student and year). Deadlines for the students to submit applications to the department are February 1 and September 15 of each year for the Spring and Fall competition, respectively. The Department of Animal Sciences will then forward the maximum number of allowed nominations to the Graduate College for further consideration. Forms and detailed information for this award can be found at the Graduate College website.

Financial Aid

Financial aid may be requested on the application form for admission to graduate study in the Department of Animal Sciences. Continuing students may apply for financial aid by writing to the head of the department. Such an application should include a current resume that includes scholastic, research, and other relevant accomplishments during graduate study. Additional information on financial support is available from the Graduate College or from the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Tuition and fees are direct costs charged by the university. The cost of attendance also includes indirect cost allowances for food, housing, books, supplies and other expenses. You will not be billed by the university for these costs unless you live in university housing. Use the Illinois Cost Calculator for an estimated cost of attendance.