Dr. James E. Corbin is recognized as the father of the modern pet food industry. Dr. Corbin received B.S. and M..S degrees in animal science at the University of Kentucky and a Ph.D. in animal nutrition and nutritional biochemistry from the University of Illinois. After spending nearly 20 years at Ralston Purina where he and colleagues revolutionized the way that pet foods were manufactured, Dr. Corbin joined the University of Illinois in 1973. It was at that time that he created a world-class companion animal research and teaching program, one that continues to be a world leader in the field today.

Selection Considerations

The Corbin Travel Scholarships are intended to support graduate students presenting their research findings at scientific conferences. Students currently seeking an MS or PhD degree in Animal Sciences, with an emphasis in companion animal nutrition, are eligible for this award. Students will be evaluated based on the research abstract submitted, previous presentations at scientific conferences, and the potential impact and/or benefits of attending the conference. Depending on eligible applications, up to two $1,000 awards will be made annually.

Deadlines: The application deadline is February 15 of each year.

Application materials: Students should submit the following by email to Dr. Kelly Swanson by February 15 of each year:

  1. An up-to-date curriculum vitae for the nominee, including peer-reviewed publications, abstracts, other publications, awards, and research grants.
  2. Abstract submitted to scientific conference in question.
  3. A letter of application not to exceed 1 page that lists the scientific conference to be attended, describes the significance of the research to be presented, and the potential impact and/or benefits of attending the conference.

Recipients will be chosen by a panel of companion animal nutrition faculty in the Department of Animal Sciences.