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Masters of Science Degree

Minimum Requirements for the M.S. Degree

  1. Complete at least 32 hours of courses including:
    • At least 22 hours of lecture and laboratory classes including at least two hours of 500-level classes (excluding seminar or thesis and research), and
    • At least two hours of seminar (ANSC 590), and
    • At least eight hours of thesis and research (ANSC 599), and
    • Registration is required each semester in ANSC 590
  2. A grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.00 (4.00=A) for all graded courses taken during the student's enrollment in the M. S. degree program;
  3. A thesis that is approved by a faculty committee and submitted to the Graduate College in conformance with Graduate College requirements;
  4. Completion of all requirements within five years of initial registration in the Graduate College.
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