Review the Graduate College Academic Calendar so you have a listing of important due dates such as:

  • Last day to add your name to the desired semester degree list.
  • Last day to take the final examination.
  • Last day to deposit the thesis at Graduate College.

Include your name on the degree list using Student Self-Service (check Graduate College deadlines for this). This will ensure timely receipt of information from the Graduate College regarding thesis requirements, alumni association records information, the degree clearance form, commencement information, etc. Instruction on thesis preparation and checklist may be obtained through the Graduate College website.

You must register for ANSC 599 (0 units is sufficient if 599 credit is completed) for the term in which you take your final exam. (Term includes the first day of registration up to but not including the first day of registration for the next term.)

Submit your thesis committee names at least 3 weeks before the exam. This will ensure that the form which your committee signs at the conclusion of your exam arrives before the exam. Submit here.