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Defense Seminar Announcement Requirements

All Ph.D. candidates must offer a seminar on their thesis. The seminar must be open to the public and must be announced to the Animal Sciences community (faculty, graduate students, staff) in advance. The seminar announcement must be in the form of an email communication. Flyers, electronic or printed and posted in Animal Sciences buildings, are welcome but not required. The content of the announcement must include the following information:

  • name of student
  • title of thesis
  • degree (MS or PHD thesis)
  • advisor's name
  • room/place
  • time
  • short abstract (some thesis titles are too broad).

Students are encouraged to contact the advisor's support staff to arrange the communication of the seminar announcement.

Questions or comments can be communicated through the Request Graduate Help System ( or to Sandra Rodriguez Zas (Graduate Coordinator,, or Alicia Schneider (Graduate Contact,