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Food Animal Production and Management

Food Animal Production and Management Students
Food Animal Production and Management Students

Prepare for a career in animal care and management or one of the associated food production industries. This concentration emphasizes the scientific disciplines and the application of technology involved in animal production and animal products, as well as providing the opportunity to enhance a student’s practical knowledge through business courses.

  • Graduates from this concentration pursue careers in the sales and service of animal health products, of feed, of equipment, and more. They are livestock representatives for banks and insurance companies and work as consultants to animal agriculture industries. Some graduates pursue careers in the meat or food processing industries.
  • This concentration is ideal for students who own or would like to operate animal production units, including the management of dairy, beef, poultry, sheep, or swine enterprises.
  • Some students work in animal production agriculture or continue their education in animal sciences or business-related disciplines.
  • Students are allowed to choose a discipline after their sophomore year to focus on, providing great flexibility in this option. Students may choose to focus on a specific species (beef, swine, dairy) or a discipline (nutrition, reproduction, meat science).
  • Students from this concentration are in high demand because of their dual focus on animal production and business.
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